One early morning as I was cleaning up my kitchen my mind started wandering and I thought, “This is a world of possibilities — anything is possible at any moment and it can change my life forever.”

For example, I could be on a plane next week traveling to Egypt. Why not? I’ve always wanted to go. I could be hosting my own mindfulness TV show. I could be in a spaceship tonight, or tomorrow I could be a published author. Why do I think I can’t do this or that? Technically you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

I have to admit thinking these thoughts makes me happy and excited so why not encourage them rather than saying to yourself, ”No, you’re crazy.” Let’s tap into your possibilities for a moment.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Breath in and out. Relax. Think about something you would like to do that makes you excited, even if you think it might never happen, just amaze yourself and have fun with it. Maybe it’s getting a promotion, maybe it’s seeing your family that lives far away, getting together with some friends you thought you’d never see again, dating someone you have a crush on or traveling somewhere new and adventurous. Make sure it’s something positive!

Take a deep breath in and out and notice how how you feel being in the moment with all the possibilities you want to experience in your life. Doesn’t that feel awesome? I feel like I have this energy through my body that feels great and I want to stay there. Breathe in and out and open your eyes. Next, have appreciation for these possibilities. If you didn’t think of them you wouldn’t be feeling this way — and feeling happy is a must these days.

Lastly, take little steps toward your possibilities in life. I, for one, keep visualizing my possibilities and feeling that feeling inside and appreciating them. I also keep writing, teaching and learning so one day my possibilities become part of my physical reality.

Ditteke Ederveen-Gorman helps people incorporate mindfulness and meditation into their daily lives. For more information, visit