I just baked some blueberry scones. I am not much of a baker, but in the winter I like to experiment with different recipes. The problem is, baking is so precise and I like to add my own stuff, which is great with cooking meals but not so great with baking. But sometimes it turns out quite fantastic.

For example, yesterday I baked some blueberry scones and thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice to add some lemon zest and lemon oil?” It just felt right, so I did. I got the flour and mixed it with six tablespoons of butter by hand. That’s kinda fun and messy but, breathing in and out, I felt creative and added my lemon zest and oil. That smell was so strong but very refreshing and clean-smelling: Something sweet with something tangy makes the perfect mix.

Next, I added an egg and some milk and now the dough became more slimy — even more fun, I thought. I am a slime-eating monster who loves blueberries and lemon covered in slime ha ha ha. Now the dough was ready to be formed into a triangle and into the oven it went. After 15 minutes I enjoyed delicious blueberry lemon scones.

Breathing in, “I feel happy.” Breathing out, “This tastes yummy.” Breathing in, “I am creative.” Breathing out, “I feel the joy within me.”

Enjoy baking!

Ditteke Ederveen-Gorman helps people incorporate mindfulness and meditation into their daily lives. For more information, visit www.dittekeyogablog.wordpress.com.