If you’ve ever received news of the death of a loved one, you know the feeling: full-body grief that hits you from the inside out. You may breathe more rapidly or feel nauseous; your blood pre… Read more

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LACONIA — Ever since the pandemic reached New Hampshire, residents have been looking to the outdoors as a place they can safely recreate and exercise. That trend has continued despite the arri… Read more

Just nine days after the ball dropped in Times Square, more than two million Americans had tested positive for COVID-19 in the new calendar year. More than 24,200 people died in that same time period, according to Johns Hopkins University’s COVID dashboard. By comparison, it took 90 days to hit two million cases in the United States in 2020, even as COVID-19 swept through nursing homes and ... Read more

New Hampshire health officials Thursday announced 11 more COVID-19-related deaths, along with 515 additional positive tests for the virus. As of Thursday morning, 314 people were in New Hampsh… Read more

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If you’re considering hiring a personal trainer in the new year, the coronavirus needn’t be an obstacle. Many trainers are offering virtual services; the only requirements to book a session ar… Read more

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In my yoga and energy studies I have learned that we are partially stars made up of light and sound — that we are vibrational beings having a human experience. How can we heal our mind, body a… Read more

New Hampshire health officials Monday announced the state’s 781st recorded COVID-19-related death. The woman who died was a Hillsborough County resident age 60 or older. Read more

HARTFORD, Conn. — For Anna Lawrence, a history professor at Fairfield University, it started the third week of March. Her symptoms were textbook — chest pain, difficulty breathing, fatigue, racing heart. “It was pretty clearly COVID,” she said. Lawrence battled the virus, the constant tiredness and breathlessness, for a month until her symptoms began to let up. But then, she started to ... Read more

Florida became the third state to identify a case of the coronavirus variant first detected in the United Kingdom, a reminder that the pandemic remains a formidable foe as infections in the Un… Read more