The Rindge Conservation Commission will host a free two-part talk on lake health and cyanobacteria on Saturday, Oct. 19, at 10 a.m. at the Rindge Recreation Center.

Dr. Catherine Owen Koning, professor of environmental science at Franklin Pierce University, will discuss how the university, town of Rindge and Pearly Pond Association joined together to reverse the declining health of Pearly Pond. Hilary Snook, senior scientist at the EPA’s New England Regional Laboratory will talk about cyanobacteria, the toxic blue-green algae found in local lakes this summer.

Dr. Koning was the lead scientist and project manager for the 10-year Pearly Pond Watershed Restoration Plan. She will review the history of the pond’s degradation, primarily from excess phosphorus and successful steps taken to identify and reduce the sources of pollution.

Snook’s career has taken him to lakes, streams and ponds across New England, where he helps local groups better manage water quality. He will educate attendees on harmful cyanobacteria blooms, addressing what they are, why they endanger our health and how to prevent them.

The Rindge Recreation Center is at 283 Wellington Road, Rindge. For more information contact the Rindge Conservation Commission at