The Loon Preservation Committee (LPC) is now broadcasting a live loon cam.

The loon cam, which is in its seventh year of operation, is fixed on a pair of loons nesting in the Lakes Region. The loons laid their first egg on May 24, and if all goes well, biologists expect chicks to hatch June 19 to 21. Viewers can tune in to watch as the loons incubate their eggs and interact with one another and with other wildlife species that they share the lake with.

“If the Loon Cam can help to get more people to care about loons and become interested in protecting them, then we’ve done our job,” said LPC Senior Biologist and Executive Director Harry Vogel in a news release.

To watch the loon cam, go to

The Loon Preservation Committee monitors loons throughout the state as part of its mission to restore and maintain a healthy population of loons in New Hampshire.