The Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests is planning to conduct a timber harvest on its Gap Mountain Reservation during the late fall and winter of 2019-2020. This harvest will require closure of the southern parking lot and trailhead off Gap Mountain Road. The northern Gap Mountain trailhead off Bullard Road and the trail to the summit will not be impacted by the harvest.

The southern parking lot is not plowed for winter access, so impact on local hikers should be minimal. The Forest Society has posted signs at both trailheads notifying hikers of the closure and along the Metacomet-Monadnock trail, which will also be partially closed during the harvest.

“The harvest will consist of mostly thinning, group selections, and small patch-cuts to encourage the regeneration of trees, diversify wildlife habitat, and improve the general quality and health of the forest,” said Wendy Weisiger, managing forester for the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests. “This sustainable timber harvest will expand on adjacent forest management projects conducted over the last couple of winters in the location of Fern Hill Road, Quarry Road, and Upper Gap Mountain Road, increasing to the long-term resiliency of the forest.”

The project may occur as early as November and will last for several months. “Our hope is that the weather this winter is cooperative and the harvest can be completed before summer,” Weisiger said.

For updates about the trail closures and timing, visit the Forest Society reservation guide at To join an e-mail update list about the harvest or for more information, contact Weisiger at 224-9945.