A new 136-kilowatt photovoltaic array is expected to produce 40 percent of the electricity needed at the new Bensonwood/Unity Homes panel manufacturing facility at 25 Production Ave. in Keene, according to a news release from the company.

The solar array components and its installation were provided by Green Energy Options of Keene.

Walpole-based Bensonwood uses a customized assembly-line-type process to design, engineer and build timber-frame homes and commercial buildings, as well as components such as framing, trim, doors, stairs and fireplace mantels.

Its sister company Unity Homes focuses on energy efficiency and minimizing the carbon footprint of buildings.

The new, 110,000-square-foot fabrication facility is now equipped with an expansive rooftop solar array that has a commissioned “turn on” date of June 30, the release said.

Bensonwood and Unity Homes join a small, but growing, number of companies using solar energy to power manufacturing facilities, Tedd Benson, the companies’ steward and CEO, said in the release.

He added that the photovoltaic array on the Bensonwood/Unity Homes panel manufacturing facility is just another step toward the companies’ commitment to sustainable and clean technology buildings.

Bensonwood and its sister company, Unity Homes, celebrated the grand opening of their new panel production facility on April 20.

The new facility is part of an expanded vision for the company that includes launching a brand to serve the industry more broadly and initiating a joint development agreement with a multinational company to develop new technology, Benson said.