New Hampshire, continuing claims for the week ending Aug. 21 were down 3,371 to 43,967, an 8 percent decrease, compared to a 6 percent decline the week before and a 5.5 percent decrease nationally.

Still, that’s more than twice the number of those collecting unemployment before the pandemic. But roughly twice as many people are going back to work than are losing jobs.

Many of those receiving benefits as of Aug. 21 are still waiting for the three weeks of $300 federal enhancements they were scheduled to receive as of Aug. 1.

On Tuesday, Gov. Chris Sununu said that the holdup was due to the involvement of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, where the funds are coming from, and that the Department of Employment Security needed to adjust its computer system to accommodate that.

It’s unclear how long the enhancement will last, because after three weeks, it enhancement will be approved on a week-by-week basis to ensure that FEMA has at least $25 billion to deal with other emergencies.

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