BRATTLEBORO — After a successful crowdfunding campaign, a community printmaking studio aims to open its doors next month.

Daniel Chiaccio raised $12,376 through the online platform Kickstarter to launch First Proof Press, which has moved in at 183 Main St. It’s a basement space downtown, Chiaccio said, next to Mitchell Giddings Fine Arts and across the street from the Brattleboro Chamber of Commerce.

More than 100 supporters helped Chiaccio surpass his Kickstarter goal of $12,000 to start his business. He said he’s used the money for advertisement, to buy equipment and to hire movers — especially for the 2,000-pound presses.

“They’re very heavy and not a lot of people can just have one of them in their house or apartment,” he said. “So that’s the benefit of having a community workshop.”

The structure will be similar to a gym membership, Chiaccio said, with rates starting at $35 per month and different levels depending on frequency of use. The studio will offer equipment for etching, photopolymer, relief printing, woodcut, screen printing, drawing and book arts.

Chiaccio stressed that the space will be open for people of all skill levels to practice their craft, from hobbyists making T-shirts or cards to fine-art printers. He also plans to bring in teachers to host workshops, he said.

The goal is to be up and running by the end of February, Chiaccio said, so he’s accepting members now in preparation. For more information about the studio or to sign up for a membership, visit, find the business on Instagram, or email Chiaccio at