PETERBOROUGH — A local couple is renovating a historic mansion, returning it to its roots.

Charlie and Carolyn Hough of Peterborough are converting the 1797 home at the corner of Wilton and Old Street Roads into Cranberry Meadow Farm, a luxury bed-and-breakfast with nine rooms, a hot tub, a swimming pool, a sauna, on-site gardens and steam showers in every room.

Nightly rates will start at $249, according to Charlie Hough.

“It’s gonna be a high-end place … and we need that in the town of Peterborough. We need a nice place for people to stay, and you get a nice breakfast,” he said, adding that Carolyn is excited to cook for guests.

The house was originally built as the Wilson Tavern and included an inn, Hough said, and in the mid-1800s it became a family home. The building needs extensive renovations to be ready for guests, but Hough said he expects to open in May.

“It’s going to be a beautiful thing, in my mind and in my wife’s mind,” he said.

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