Shannon Hundley

Shannon Hundley

A candy shop in downtown Keene is getting a helping hand.

Owner Tracy Gunn said she’s bringing on Shannon Hundley of Keene as a managing partner to run Life is Sweet on Central Square.

“Eventually I’d like to be able to move down to North Carolina,” Gunn said, adding that she has a 1-year-old grandson she’d like to see more often.

In addition to the candy shop, which added a Brattleboro location last fall, Gunn owns two area restaurants: Willie Mac’s and The Flight Deck.

She said she’s “really just kind of assessing; do I wanna work 100 hours a week for the foreseeable future, or do I not?”

Part of this consideration was the amount of time she spent managing Life is Sweet. Gunn said having someone to run the shop who’s committed to staying in the community should make a difference.

“And sometimes fresh eyes are a nice thing,” Gunn added. “I’m a bit myopic because I’m busy putting out fires all the time.”

Hundley will leave her role as the operations director at Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship to join Life is Sweet. She previously worked for more than 15 years in retail, including as the manager of Your Kitchen Store before it closed in 2016.

In an email, Hundley wrote that she always had plans to eventually open a retail store, so this works out well for everyone.

"Tracy [Gunn] and I have worked together in the past with the Keene Downtown Group and we share common vision, excitement and goals that compliment each other so this partnership seemed like a natural fit," she wrote.

Hundley said her last full day at Hannah Grimes is Feb. 21.