Judy Bosies

Judy Bosies, owner of Wicked Glass Art, has moved into a new space at 26 Roxbury St. in Keene.

Wicked Glass Art has opened its own store on Roxbury Street in downtown Keene, according to owner Judy Bosies.

The business previously operated out of 17ROX, the artist studios across the street from her new location, she said Thursday. Bosies, a Swanzey resident who launched Wicked Glass Art in July 2019 after 40 years in the insurance sector, said she found her artistic niche while at 17ROX.

“It gave me a lot of room to explore the kind of artist I wanted to be,” she said. “I settled on the glass art pieces because people really liked them.”

Bosies makes her wares from recycled glass — which she acquires from wine connoisseurs, thrift shops and benevolent donors, she said — and sells them at craft fairs or as custom orders. She also hosts workshops, where attendees can make their own pieces by arranging the broken glass and solidifying it with a resin.

The classes were very popular when they resumed last May after the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“People just flocked to [them],” she said. “I think everybody wanted to get out and do something safe in a controlled environment.”

But Bosies said she had to limit enrollment to six people to allow for social distancing because the second-floor space at 17ROX measured only about 250 square feet.

Her new store at 26 Roxbury St. is three times larger, she explained, and can host up to 18 people per class, even with social distancing. (She also requires masks and provides hand sanitizer and individual tools for each attendee.)

And the first-floor location, which opened Monday, is well-oriented for her glass pieces.

“This space is so nice because the sun comes right in,” she said. “With the light coming through them, they’re really eye-catching.”

To register for a class, Bosies recommended calling 603-757-3934 or messaging Wicked Glass Art at its Facebook page. Session are typically attended by a single group that registers together, she said.

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