FITZWILLIAM — Summertime this year brought with it a new children’s consignment store in downtown Fitzwilliam.

Grow With Me Consignment opened July 17 at 52B Route 119 West. Owner Katie LaCoille lives in Peterborough and was originally looking for somewhere in Jaffrey or Rindge to launch her store. But her friend owns the building in Fitzwilliam and, when she learned about LaCoille’s business idea, offered a deal on the rent.

Fitzwilliam is also LaCoille’s hometown.

It’s funny, she said, because “I’m doing this to help other people, and she’s doing this to help me … so it’s this community-building thing, too.”

LaCoille has a background in retail and worked most recently at U.S. Cellular for nearly a decade. Her husband, Ken, went back to school during that time and became a teacher at the Wediko School in Hillsboro.

“And he said, ‘When we get through this phase, you get to do what you want to do. So what do you want to do?’ ”

Contemplating the question, LaCoille remembered shopping at consignment stores for her kids’ clothes and wishing they were more plentiful, sometimes driving as far as Brattleboro to shop.

So, with her husband’s support, she said, she spent the past year planning her business and preparing the launch. Friends and family offered items to get her started, and her store carries any clothes sized for children, up through 16, as well as maternity items, toys and baby gear, such as strollers.

More importantly, though, LaCoille strives for a welcoming atmosphere, often playing with kids so parents can shop freely and offering discount days for grandparents.

“My goal is, when somebody walks into my store, they feel loved,” she said. “And not weird, creepy loved, but like, ‘Hey, how are you? How’s your day?’ ”

For more information, find Grow With Me Consignment on Facebook.