Cheshire Wellness Center


The staff of Cheshire Wellness Center are, from left, Matt Abatelli, Tecia Pitts, Rich

Gorsuch, Kelly Gorsuch and Jennifer Keating. Abatelli and Pitts are the newest spinal network chiropractors at the

almost-18-year-old Keene wellness center.

After almost two decades in business, Cheshire Wellness Center has grown.

“It’s time for Cheshire Wellness Center to expand,” Rich Gorsuch, founder of the Keene wellness center, said in a recent news release. “I have done what I can to bring CWC to this stage and we’re ready to bring fresh, bright shining stars to step up and help take it to the next level.”

To that end, two new spinal network chiropractors have joined the team: Matt Abatelli and Tecia Pitts.

Abatelli has been a practice member at the Cheshire Wellness Center since 2013, and his addition to the team brings the New Hampshire native back to his home state.

Pitts, meanwhile, studied network spinal chiropractic from practitioners in Boulder, Colo., and is excited to have brought her practice to Keene, according to the release.

Cheshire Wellness Center is at 103 Roxbury St. in Keene. It offers chiropractic care, stress-release services and nutrition programs.