Age: 67

How long have you lived in Keene: 49 years

Family: Wife: Erika Greenwald (married 49 years)

Daughter: Jodie Ballaro

Son-in-law: Joe

Grandchildren: Eliza, Leo, & Lola

Son: Joshua Greenwald

Daughter-in-law: Jennifer

Grandchildren: Jaden & Ben

Daughter: Jill Bilotta

Son-in-law: Jeff

Grandchild: Hazel

Education: B.S., Biology

Keene State College, 1974

Occupation: Owner/Broker Greenwald Realty

55 Main St., Keene

Organizations to which you belong/have belonged:

Current: Keene Rotary

Monadnock Board of Realtors

Past: President, Keene Jaycees

Chairman, Downtown Merchants Association

Member, Keene Planning Board

Director, Chamber of Commerce

Public/government service:

Keene City Councilor, 27 years

Chairman, Finance, Organization, Personnel Committee

Chairman, Economic Development Committee

Past Chairman, MSFI Committee, Past Chairman PLD Committee

Past Chairman, Solid Waste Committee

1. Why are you running for mayor?

Keene has been my heart and home for nearly fifty years. I am running for the office of Mayor because my dedication to our city and its families knows no bounds. My commitment to our community is my passion and life’s work. I am driven by public service, never the power or prestige, and my political aspirations do not go one inch beyond the borders of our beautiful city. I do not want to be the Mayor, I want to be your Mayor. I am eager to provide the best quality of life to our citizens and future for the next generation. I am determined to take on our community’s most vital issues and ultimately, my motivation for running comes down to our most pressing priority: our families. Our community needs leadership with experience both in and out of City Hall. From my involvement with our local economy as a small business owner, to raising children and grandchildren in our public schools, to over twenty-seven years of public service as a city councilor, I have a unique fluency that will help make our community better for our families, inspire change in our community, and keep Keene moving forward.

2. What unique qualifications would you bring to this post?

My nearly five decades of commitment to Keene is the most unique qualification I will bring to the mayoral office. From being a KSC student, to a small business owner, to a parent and now grandparent, to a public servant, my commitment to our community is enduring. My experiences have provided me with expanded knowledge and an invaluable skill set where I can easily recognize our public and city’s needs. I empathize and relate to our citizens and like them, I have a strong work ethic and understand the pressures, responsibilities, and value of a hard day’s work. Although I am an individual with experience, my ability to provide a fresh perspective is also one of my strongest traits. I have vision for the future of our community which is built upon bold and innovative ideas. There is no challenge we cannot face and no problem we cannot solve. I am goal oriented and find success through establishing partnerships and trust. I am honest, focused, remain calm under pressure, and provide a rational approach to any situation. Through delegation and inclusion, I always encourage diverse opinions in a spirited discussion and strive to create environments where all are welcome.

3. As Keene pursues its renewable energy plan — with a goal for everyone to switch all electricity use to renewable sources by 2030 and to convert all heating and transportation by 2050 — how hard can the city reasonably push businesses and residents in this direction? What would you do as mayor to promote these aims?

Sustainability and environmental issues must be a priority. We have led the state in the advocacy and use of renewable energy. To continue pursuing our goals and leading by example, City Hall must increase its involvement by setting both environmental initiatives and incentives. As your Mayor, I will launch innovative marketing to raise awareness and continually reinforce the ethical and financial importance of environmental responsibility. I will implement not mandates but practical goals to promote change from the ground up. I will work to offer economic incentives to businesses and citizens which encourage the installation of solar, wind and any other modern technologies. From step one during the application process for building permits, I will implore city staff to collaborate with building owners to consider alternative and inventive energy sources. In our evolving environmental landscape, many are not aware of what is possible, affordable or available. We must ensure that our community continues to pursue sustainable solutions to all of today’s challenges, from waste collection, to clean water and air, and to renewable energy so that the next generation will be proud to grow up in a place like Keene.