Age: 40

How long have you lived in Keene: I was born and raised in Cheshire County. I have lived in Keene for the last 15 years.

Family: I am a wife and mother of 2 children ages 7 and 9 who both attend public school at Fuller Elementary and the summer rec program offered through the City of Keene.

Education: Studied Business Management at Franklin Pierce University

Occupation: Co-Owner/Operator, Henderson Bosley Properties

Managing Director, Comfort Keepers

Organizations to which you belong/have belonged:


Public Health Emergency Preparedness Network

Community Networking Team


Healthy Monadnock Champions Advisory Committee

Public/government service:

Current, At-Large City Councilor, Keene, NH

2013 to 2016 President Elect of MSHOCC board of directors.

1. Why are you running for an at-large seat on the City Council?

After attending multiple City Council meetings, I realized that the demographic I represent in our community was not being represented on the council. I feel that as a woman, mother of school aged children and businesswoman that I have a unique perspective to offer. Each topic that is brought before the City Council should have the opportunity to be a conversation amongst a group of citizens that fully represents our city.

Growing up in Cheshire county and spending the last 15 years in Keene has made me realize how special and important this community is. I would love the opportunity to help guide the city towards a future that will make this a place where my children would like to stay and settle.

2. What should the council’s role be in trying to make the city more attractive for business?

The council should be setting the tone for the city in the area of economic growth and attracting new business. We need to show businesses that are currently here that we support them during expansions as well as marketing to businesses that are looking for places to locate by highlighting the things that make Keene unique.

This needs to be a multifaced approach and one that includes working with our multiple higher education systems to provide a workforce. As well, the council should be working with the Community Development department to simplify the regulations and processes which will help shorten the amount of time to get decisions from that department.

The council has already begun rezoning initiatives and implemented tax incentive programs to help. As a current councilor I have attended meetings as a Planning Licensing and Development committee member to start to flesh out the first large zoning rewrite.

It will take all of these influences working together to help the sustainability of our city by working to expand the tax base.

3. What issue doesn’t get enough attention by city leaders?

I believe that there are many issues that are not currently getting a lot of attention at the City Council level. We have the opportunity to create sub committees to study the impact and possible solutions to some of the general weaknesses in our community. It would be my hope that in the coming months I can help highlight and bring forward new ideas to the Mayor and Council.

First and foremost, I think that the amount of affordable childcare and senior care options in our community are lacking. We need to try to attract businesses with focus on these topics or create community organizations that help to support these two needs. There will be an adjustment to our childcare needs as school times change and more elementary age children will be getting out of school earlier.

I also think our public transportation in town and to cities outside of Keene is important for the council to keep present in their minds. Keeping our community connected for travel and work is vital.

Lastly, access to high speed internet is an important part of creating an environment where both manufacturing and professional based companies would be open to Keene for relocation.