Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! (well, just bears)

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Summer is bursting with new life. Wildflowers are blooming, pollinators are buzzing, and all around us animals are raising their young. This o… Read more

Rehabilitation centers

Winchester Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Location: Winchester

Center phone: 603-357-2455

Deb Gode phone: 603-239-7338

Specialization: Rehabilitation of mammals and birds

Individual rehabilitators

Joyce Bemis

Location: Keene

Phone: 603-852-3354

Specialization: Rehabilitation of small mammals

Ciera Louise

Location: Keene

Phone: 603-352-3266

Specialization: Crisis intervention for birds and small mammals, Relay for small mammals

Logan Chaput

Location: Keene

Phone: 603-313-0950

Specialization: Rehabilitation of mammals

Wildlife agencies

Wildlife on Camera