#PetsforthePats Super Bowl LIII photo gallery

Local pets supporting the Pats in Super Bowl LIII!

Fern, left, and Bailey, right, of Rindge help mom Amy Ricard cheer for the Patriots.

Walter, of Keene, poses with his Patriots jersey.

Teddy, of Walpole, is all in on the Patriots-Chargers playoff game.

Shadow, of Peterborough, loves the Patriots, her mom says.

Oscar, of Hinsdale, is snug in his Patriots pride.

Lexi, of Swanzey, snuggles with her favorite team.

Though Goob lives in South Carolina, he stays true to the home team for owner JA Flick, who grew up in West Swanzey.

Nash the pig still roots for the Patriots, though he and his mom, Keene State College alumna Elizabeth Truesdell, live in Nashville.

Gigi, of Hinsdale, gets comfortable with her Patriots hat.

Buddy, of Spofford, is toasty in his red white and blue.

Ranger, of Westmoreland, relaxes in style.

Arnold Pawmer of Keene, known as Arnie, shows off his jersey.

Fritz, in the lead, and his brother Remy stay warm in their team sweaters as they race in their Rindge backyard.

#PetsforthePats Super Bowl LII photo contest Gallery

The Pats are returning to the Super Bowl, and local pets are showing their support! They play the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday, Feb. 4, at 6:30 p.m.

Submitted by Arianna King

Willow, of Keene, has the Patriots' number.

Submitted by Jennyfer Stone

Submitted by Josh Coleman

Walter, who lives in Keene, is more than ready for Super Bowl LII.

Submitted by Kellie Doc Gordon

Ruby the yellow lab sits with her Patriots-themed chew toy, "proud to represent the Patriots even though her neighbors are all wearing green" …

Brady, of Jaffrey, has his own Patriots jersey — that's named for him, right?

Submitted by Loretta Drouin

Luna, of Swanzey, knows what the keys to a good life are.

#PetsforthePats Super Bowl LI photo contest gallery

Local pets supporting the Pats to a Super Bowl LI victory over the Atlanta Falcons

Even though Dapper has local roots, he will be watching the game out-of-state with his family in Wells, Maine. His owners met him at Fast Frie…

Annabelle of Spofford is ready for the game with a red bandana.

Rosie of Fitzwilliam shows off another angle of the same helmet her brother, Boston, wore for his #PetsforthePats picture.

Boston of Fitzwilliam was born ready — or at least named appropriately — for this year's Super Bowl face-off.

"Jake Brady" of Marlborough is on the field and excited for Sunday's game.

According to his owner, Kobi of Chesterfield asked for a Patriots Super Bowl win for Christmas last year.

Lexi boasts a double-zero Patriots jersey in her Swanzey home.

Molly of Richmond wears a Patriots bandana around her neck to support the home team.

Ryder will be watching the game Sunday with his owner Chris, originally from Harrisville, from their current home in Epsom, N.H.

Utah of Fitzwilliam has a jersey on and a ball in play. Can the game start already?

Shadow has a comfy seat for the game Sunday in the living room of his Winchester house.

Benelli the puppy, of Alstead, gets some well-needed rest in before Sunday's game.

Charlie of Richmond sits pretty sporting a red, white and blue Patriots bandana around his neck.

Cookie of Richmond shares a bandana also worn by her sister Molly, both ready to support the Pats on Sunday.

Diamond of Troy sports a camouflage Patriots jersey in support of the home team.

Deuce, on the left, and Welker have their jerseys — and game faces — on.

Frances of North Swanzey rocks an old-fashioned foam hat to show support for the Pats — and appears to totally love every second of it.

Lula May of Spofford is prepared to bundle up in a fan blanket come Sunday.

Coach "Murph-ichick," or Murphy of Marlborough, sits posed on a football field; he'll be mentally ready come Sunday.

Ruby scored a spot on a comfy recliner to watch the game in her Spofford home.

Ranger of Westmoreland raises a paw as he poses in a Patriots jersey. Ready for Sunday!

Sadie May will be watching the game from her home in Chesterfield.

Xena of Jaffrey has all the right colors on and is ready to watch some football this Sunday.

Gumbo of Keene gets a little dirty in a Patriots bandana recently.

Jackson of Keene wears a Patriots ball-cap to prepare for Sunday's game.

Bentley from Westmoreland strikes a pose for the Pats.