Greyhound of the Week:Atlas

Hi, I'm Atlas, and I'm a wadi dog!

My five siblings and I might be the first wadi dogs you've ever seen, so let me tell you all about us!

Wadi dogs like me are very smart. We're also loyal and loving. Just perfect companions, really! Wadi dogs descended from Salukis originally and you can still see their influence in our sleek builds. We are smaller – sized for cuddling.

The six of us were born in Oman and rescued from the street by the lovely people of Muscat dog adoption. They really loved us. When we were big enough we came here to Fast Friends in the U.S.

The trip over was scary, but I am adjusting well. I love playtime with my siblings and am learning that the staff and volunteers are very nice and give me lots of treats and gentle pets.

I think I am really going to like it here in the U.S., especially when I find a home of my very own.

If you are interested in Atlas or any other adoptable greyhounds, please call Fast Friends at 355-1556.