Greyhound of the Week: Lilo

Hi, I'm Lilo!

If you need an interior designer, I'm the girl for you. I love to rearrange my bed and get my blankets into just the perfect pile. Placement is important, too, so I always make sure to have my blankets right by the door so I can see when you're coming. Sometimes I even lie with my nose sticking out for a better view.

Sure, I'm on the lookout for treats and walk opportunities, but I'm also keeping watch for anyone suspicious. I'm shy by nature and would love a home where I can relax and feel safe with a family who understands my boundaries and will give me my own space.

Fast Friends adopts in the New England area. If you are interested in Lilo or one of our other available dogs, please complete an adoption application at Lilo needs an experienced owner and would do best with another, confident dog.