Dog of the Week: Lottie

Hola, I'm Lottie!

Are you ready for snuggles? I hope so because that's what I want most. I have to make up for lost time, you see, because the people who owned me in Spain didn't show me any love at all.

I lived outside on a chain, and because they never took me to the vet, I had lots of puppies. They didn't go to the vet, either, and many of them were killed when they wandered into the busy road right next to where I was chained.

Galgos del Sol fought hard to have me freed, and they finally succeeded. They brought me to the Rescue Center and taught me that people can be kind and good, too. Now I'm at Fast Friends, looking for my forever home.

Fast Friends adopts in the New England area. If you are interested in Lottie or one of our other available dogs, please complete an adoption application at Lottie has not been tested for compatibility with cats.