Dog of the Week: Ivy

Hi, I'm Ivy.

My eyes tell my story, and I've seen both the worst and the best that humans can be.

I almost died in the desert, where I was left with both my front legs broken. I couldn't walk and was so hungry and thirsty. It was a terrible time.

But then, the most amazing thing happened - a brave woman came and rescued me. She was just in time. I was so weak that I needed to be on an IV for a full week, and that's why she named me Ivy.

My new friend took such good care of me, and nursed me back to health. And then, she found people halfway around the world that wanted to help me find my forever home, where I would never be sick or in pain ever again.

It was a long way from my home country of Oman to Fast Friends, but I'm glad I made the trip. I am getting to know and trust everyone here, and will soon be ready for the last part of my journey, where I find a family of my very own to love me.

Fast Friends adopts in the New England area. If you are interested in Ivy or one of our other available dogs, please complete an adoption application at Ivy needs a home with no cats or small dogs.