Dog of the Week: Farrah

Hi, I'm Farrah. That's short for Farasha, which means "butterfly" in Arabic. The people who rescued me from the desert in Oman thought that my cropped ears looked like butterflies.

Butterflies are symbols of new life, and I'm ready to start my new life, too. I haven't been at Fast Friends for very long, but I'm learning that people here can be trusted, just like my friends in Oman. I am going to take it slowly, though, until I've really figured things out. Once I get comfortable, I'll go back to being the talkative, affectionate girl I grew into after my rescue.

I can't wait to see what my new life holds.

Fast Friends adopts in the New England area. If you are interested in Farrah or one of our other available dogs, please complete an adoption application at Farrah needs a home with no cats or small dogs.