Owen A. Steelman, son of Kristen Petricola and Kurt Steelman of Keene, graduated from Making Community Connections Charter School (MC2) Monadnock Campus on Sept. 8.

As part of the MC2 graduation process, Steelman presented his Gateway Exhibition, which is a defense of the student’s learning, for graduation to six panelists and six guests.

All graduating students are assessed by a panel, comprising the student’s advisor, parents and a student advocate, as well as the MC2 CEO, and up to four outside panelists. Mark Bodin, President of Savings Bank of Walpole, represented the wider community on Steelman’s panel.

Throughout his education, Steelman interned in MC2’s technology department, the Colonial Theater’s production department, for a Manchester-based business and co-taught a class for his peers for several quarters.

Steelman has planned a year off from formal studies and will spend the fall tutoring, writing comedy skits and taking welding classes. He plans to attend Keene State College in the spring of 2021.