On Wednesday, May 29, the Cheshire Career Center at Keene High School presented certificates of completion to 132 students.

The Cheshire Career Center is a regional career and technical education center which offers programs to High School juniors and seniors from the Keene, Monadnock Regional, and Fall Mountain school districts.

Out of the 132 students to receive certificates, 17 plaques were awarded to students for outstanding accomplishments in their particular field and 25 scholarships were awarded to students who planned to attend a two or four year college, or in an apprenticeship program.

Lila Masterson was chosen as the Outstanding student in the Health & Human Services Department.

Helen Heneghan was chosen as the outstanding student in the Business Department; William Horne was chosen as the Outstanding student in the Applied Science & Technology Department.

The following students acted as Cheshire Center Student Ambassadors while promoting courses and educating the community on what experiences are available to local high school students:

Brandi Babcock, Sam Carlisle, Nathaniel Chamberlain, Maggie Heneghan, William Horne, Rhiannon Jarvis, Manning Kirker, Audrianna Lavertue, Keegan Murphy, Evie Proctor, Kevin Ranagan, Tyler Stone, Emily Tucker, Keighley Urban, Zoey Vichko.

Outstanding seniors:

Accounting: Kelly Chapdelaine

Accounting: Alyssa Bartlett

Animal Science: Raymee Bacon

Automotive: Kayla Cushing

Careers in Education: Makayla Doyon

Computer Programming: Crimson Wheeler

Construction Trades: Noah Weston

Cosmetology: Lila Masterson

Culinary Arts: Aiden Bartlett

Drafting & Design: Spencer Pitts

Fire Science: Brandi Babcock

Health Science: Josephine Britton

Horticulture: Randy Plummer

Horticulture: Hayden Sarcione

IT & Networking: Nathan DeMond

Manufacturing: William Horne

Marketing: Helen Heneghan

Scholarship, Awards, Certifications:

A Culinary Journey Scholarship: Katie Hagar

ASE (Auto) Certificates: Greyson Bolewski, Cyrus Chambers, Vincent Cormier, Kayla Cushing, Emily Ford-Callahan, Shane Healy, Logan Kordana, Dana Laraba, Joshua Levasseur, Zander Mitchell, Nickeya Nickerson, Hunter Park, Mason Patten, Roger Russell, Quinn Thayer

Automotive Tool Award: Roger Russell

Basic Java Associate Certification: Rahul Chalumuri, Benjamin Chou, Tessa Lynn Federico-Maietta, William Kincaid Blair Foot, Anthony Hailey, Joshua Maslowski, Alexander Murphy, Alexander Paris, Konner Sheehan, Elizabeth Sheldon, Harry Thomas, Jack Thorp, Johnny Zeng

Business Department Entrepreneurship Day Scholarship: Hannah Drew, Alyssa Bartlett

Cheshire Career Center Award: Raymee Bacon

Cheshire Cosmetology Scholarship: Hailey Sevene, Margaret Thomas, Paeton Ward

Cheshire Culinary Arts Club Scholarship: Katie Hagar

Cheshire Health Foundation Scholarship: Sunshine Ainsworth, Abigail Mitchell, Zoey Vichko

CVC Construction Trust: Jakob Wilson-Thomas

Dr. Eric Franson Veterinary/Medical Award: Grace Finch

Early Childhood Education Scholarship: Rhiannon Jarvis

FFA Horticulture Tool Award: Raymee Bacon, Hayden Sarcione

George E. Cass Memorial Scholarship: Brandi Babcock

Google Ad Certification & HootSuite Certification: Helen (Maggie) Heneghan received Google Ad Certification and is pursuing HootSuite Certification during the summer

Homebuilders & Remodelers of Southwestern NH: Noah Weston

IT & Networking Award: Richard Pearce, Kevin Ranagan

Joanne C. Sullivan Memorial Scholarship (Education): Makayla Doyon

Keene Beauty Academy: Olivia Fisher, Lila Masterson, Hailey Sevene, Margaret Thomas, Paeton Ward

Keene Memorial Fund: Margaret Thomas

Keon Ioannou Memorial Trust Fund (Culinary): Katie Hagar

LNA Certificates (Licensed Nursing Assistant): Sunshine Ainsworth, Lily Blake (MRHS), Josephine Britton (FMRHS), Dillan Buffum, Symantha Fortin (MRHS), Autumn Love (MRHS), Danessa McShane (FMRHS), Lucy Mercure, Abigail Mitchell, Marissa Morton, Paige Newell (MRHS), Lauren Taylor, Keighley Urban, Zoey Vichko

Markem/Imaje Industrial Technology Award: William Horne

Monadnock Realtors Scholarship: Abigail Mitchell

New Hampshire Education Foundation: Logan Kordana

Newby Drogue Aviation Scholarship (Engineering): Elizabeth Everitt

OSHA -10 Certification: The following Construction Trades II students will obtain OSHA-10 Certification prior to end of this school year.

Myles Bergin, Hunter Colburn, Hunter Desrosier, Tobin Patnaude, Carter Smith, Tyler Stone, Noah Weston, Jakob Wilson-Thomas

Priscilla Callahan Memorial Scholarship: Ailinn Santos

Quarter Mile Scholarship: William Horne

Quincy Peabody Memorial Scholarship: Katie Hagar

Student Home Builders Tool Award: Tobin Patnaude

Test Out Certification: Richard Pearce, Security & Networking Certified; Nate DeMond, Security & Networking Certified; Damien Winslow, Security & Networking Certified; Kevin Ranagan, Networking Certified; Wesson Taylor, Networking Certified; Alexander Charuhas, Security Certified

Seniors completers:

Sunshine Ainsworth, Lauren Allain, Brandi Babcock, Raymee Bacon, Cameron Bagster, Nickolas Baker (Monadnock), MaKinley Ball, Aiden Bartlett, Alyssa Bartlett, Laynie Batchelder, Jack Beauregard, Myles Bergin, Lily Blake (Monadnock), Greyson Bolewski (Monadnock), Josephine Britton (Fall Mountain), Dillan Buffum, Samuel Carlisle, Nathaniel Chamberlain, Kelly Chapdelaine, Alexander Charuhas (Fall Mountain), Hunter Colburn (Fall Mountain), Michael Corcoran, Vincent Cormier, Imani Cousins, Kayla Cushing, Nathan DeMond, Hunter Derosier (Monadnock), Makayla Doyon, Parker Driscoll, Richard Durkee, Reese Earle, Elizabeth Everitt, Angela Fairbanks, Tessa Federico-Maietta, Grace Finch, Olivia Fisher, Traelor Fisher, Gabriel Fletcher, Taelar Forcier, Emily Ford-Callahan, Symantha Fortin (Monadnock), Makayla Frazier, Ryan Goodwin, Katie Hagar (Monadnock), Evan Hardy, Shane Healy (Fall Mountain), Helen Heneghan, William Horne, Samuel Hussey, Rhiannon Jarvis, Manning Kirker, Logan Kordana, Benjamin Koski, Michael LaFountain, Hannah Landry, Dana Laraba, Audrianna Lavertue, Alyson Lemnah, Madelyn Leonard, Taylor Letourneau, Joshua Levasseur, Maxwell Lieberstein, William Lindsay, Autumn Love (Monadnock), Gabriella Maragh, Grace Marsh, Lucy Marshall, Lila Masterson, Danessa McShane (Fall Mountain), Lacey Mercure, Emilee Messer, Emily Miner, Abigail Mitchell, Zander Mitchell, Ricardo Molina, Amber-Lynn Monroe, Marissa Morton, Keegan Murphy, Hazel Neary, Alexis Nephew, Elizabeth Newell, Paige Newell (Monadnock), Nickeya Nickerson, Hunter Park (ConVal), Tobin Patnaude, Mason Patten, Richard Pearce, Luke Pellerin, Spencer Pitts, Randy Plummer, Jared Pollock, Kevin Ranagan, Alexandru Richards, Yelena Rodolitz, Thomas Rogers, Scott Rollins, Paige Rountree, Ethan Roy, Jakob Rurka, Roger Russell, Damien Sanborn, Ailinn Santos, Hayden Sarcione, Dimitri Seger, Hailey Sevene, Carter Smith (Fall Mountain), Carter Smith, Tyler Stone (Monadnock), Tyler Summers, Dylan Sutherland, Joseph Swingle, Lauren Taylor, Quinn Thayer, Harry Thomas, Margaret Thomas, Jack Thorp, Charles Tousley, Alyse Trudelle, Emily Tucker, LilyMarie Tucker, Hannah Turcotte, Keighley Urban, Zoey Vichko, Ryan Walton, Connor Ward, Paeton Ward, Timothy Warren , Noah Weston, Crimson Wheeler (Monadnock), Jakob Wilson-Thomas, Damien Winslow, Johnny Zeng.