Name: Kendall W. Lane

Age: 70

How long have you lived in Keene: 70 years

Family: Wife: Molly B. Lane; Children: Frederick, Jocelyn, Isabel

Education: BA University of New Hampshire, JD Boston University Law School

Occupation: Attorney

Organizations to which you belong/have belonged: U.S. Army 3 years; Keene Housing Authority Commissioner 8 years, Chair 2 years; Keene Family YMCA Board of Directors 11 years, President 2 years; Cheshire Health Foundation Board of Directors 9 years, President 2 year; Greater Keene Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors 7 years, President 1 year; Southwest Region Planning Commission Board of Directors 12 years, Chairman 2 years; SWRPC Transportation Advisory Committee Chairman 23 years; Keene Academy Fund Trustee 37 years, President 30 years; Keene Educational Foundation Board of Directors 3 year

Public/government service: NH Legislature 4 years; 1984 Delegate NH Constitutional Convention; Keene City Council 1986-1993; 2007-2011; Keene Mayor (edited for length)

Why are you running to be mayor?

"I was born and raised in Keene. I have spent all my adult working life here. I care a great deal about the future of this city. I have been involved in public life in Keene for over 35 years and have been privileged to serve as Mayor for the past 6 years. The City is moving forward with over $100 million in new commercial construction currently being built, with an expanded library about to break ground, with unemployment down and available jobs up, with a strong housing market and a solid future. However, there are challenges facing us which are being addressed. There are several issues relating to economic development including the update of the land use code (zoning ordinance), investment in housing, simplification of the permitting process, implementation of the 79-E investment process, revitalization of the Downtown and developing an expanded employment base. These are all intended to increase our property values and decrease out tax rate. (Edited for length)

What steps can/should the city government take to ensure the security of large events?

"Each large event has its own characteristics and issues that must be considered. In order to address the security concerns it is necessary for the event organizers to work closely with the Police Department, the Fire Department and Public Works to ensure that the particular concerns regarding the event are considered. When it is appropriate officials from Keene State College must also be part of the preparations for security of an event."

If you were promoting the city for purposes of recruitment, what would you pitch as its most appealing quality, and why?

"Keene is a City with many outstanding assets which make it a desirable location for businesses to locate. Our quality of life is second to none with a world class trail system and outdoor recreation opportunities. We have an airport with the 2nd longest runway in New Hampshire, ideal for business travelers. We have 3 colleges and a superb medical center. However the most appealing quality is its people. They offer a highly trained workforce with a long tradition in manufacturing. They are innovative, self-reliant and ready to solve any problem, ideal for any business wanting to locate in Keene. Keene is a hidden gem for any business locating here.

What is the city’s greatest need relative to infrastructure?

"Keene has 13 red listed bridges currently in need of major repair or replacement. This includes bridges on major streets including Main Street, Winchester Street and Island Street. The failure of any of these bridges would have a significant impact on the our local economy and their repair or replacement is critical for our future."