The Peterborough Poetry Project has chosen the winners of its recent Poems of New Hampshire poetry contest.

The best five poems, as well as two earning honorable mention, were chosen from among 160 poems entered by poets ranging from teenagers to a nonagenerian. The majority of entries were from residents of New England, but entries came in from as far away as California and Washington. The theme of the contest was: New Hampshire — past, present, future, fantasy, or combination. The six board members of Peterborough Poetry Project were the judges.

The prize winners are:

1st Prize: Mary Spofford French of Pittsfield for “Chicken Farmer”

2nd Prize: Mary Spofford French for “Do Not Disturb”

3rd Prize: Peaco Todd of Chocorua for “Elegy For a Mouse”

4th Prize: Mary Ann Mayer of Sharon, Mass., for “This Cold is Scratching Like Monkeys”

5th Prize: Gwen Hurd of Merrimack for “Moose Crossing”

Honorable Mention: Beth Haverkamp Powers of Amherst for “Census”

Honorable Mention: Peaco Todd for “The Old Man and the Mountain”

These poems and several dozen other poems will be published in a book to be released soon. To read the winning poems, or to make a contribution toward the book publication, visit the Peterborough Poetry Project website at