Trinity Christian School


Left to right, Trinity Christian School Principal George Evensen, School Board Chairperson Alison Franke, Rev. Ed Harkey and Deaconess Tiffany Manor of the LCMS New England District.

After completing a 12-month self-study process, Trinity Christian School received their award of accreditation from the New England District NLSA commission and the national NLSA commission on Sept. 22. The National Lutheran School Accreditation Association (NLSA) encourages, assists and recognizes schools that provide quality Christian education and engage in continuous improvement.

The evidence-based accreditation process involved self-study input from faculty, staff, parents and students across seven different areas including purpose, relationships, student services, governance, professional personnel, teaching and learning and facilities. The resulting school action plan was then reviewed during a three day visit by the validation team that included experts in education, administration and ministry.

Trinity Keene was nominated for a nationwide “powerful practice,” which is an innovative action that exceeds standard compliance and accreditation expectations. Also, the New England District School Shepherd Award was given to Rev. Ed Harkey to honor a faithful pastor who has provided outstanding encouragement, support and services to his school.

Started as a nursery school in 1955, today Trinity Christian School provides excellence in Christian education through preschool, elementary and middle school programs. Trinity is at 100 Maple Ave. in Keene; for more information or to schedule a school tour, call 352-9403 or visit