Hobblebush berries

Michael Nerrie

Hobblebush is one of many native shrubs that will be identified in a workshop at Distant Hill Gardens in Walpole and Alstead.

Steve Roberge, Cheshire County Extension forester, will lead a tree and shrub identification workshop at Distant Hill Gardens and Nature Trail in Walpole and Alstead on Sunday, Aug. 25 from 1 to 4 p.m.

The three-hour workshop will take place in the forest, fields and wetlands of Distant Hill. Participants will learn how to identify numerous native species of shrubs and trees, along with a few invasive plant species. Plant eaves and other identification clues such as bark, shape, branching patterns, smell, taste, habitat, cones and fruits will be used.

Participants will also see first-hand how plant identification is being used as a management tool to enhance the plant biodiversity of a pollinator meadow at Distant Hill Nature Trail.

The workshop will be held outdoors. Please come prepared to hike on some slightly rough terrain.

Suggested donation: $10/per adult. All donations go toward making the trails at Distant Hill more accessible.

Register on Eventbrite at: tinyurl.com/y2v8qdav or call Michael Nerrie at 756-4179.

For directions: www.distanthill.org/directions.