Among the many events scheduled for Peak Into Peterborough on Saturday, Oct. 19, are two author appearances at The Toadstool Bookshop, 12 Depot Square.

At 11 a.m., Katina Makris, a Lyme disease specialist and author, will introduce her latest book of inspiration. "Loving Yourself Enough To Live; Inspirational Messages From a Near Death Survivor" is a compilation of her most poignant journal entries as she progressed through her recovery from Lyme disease. They reveal the deep self-love and love for others that became the motivating force in her life. She is also the author of "Out Of The Woods : Healing From Lyme Disease and Autoimmune Illness And Lyme Disease Recovery."

At 2 p.m., Kathryn Hulick will sign and discuss "Strange But True: 10 Of The World’s Greatest Mysteries Explained" which teaches young readers how to use the scientific method and sharp thinking to separate fact from fiction. Alien abductions to zombies – what’s really going on? Full color illustrations evoke the eeriness of the mysteries in this book making it ideal for the curious 10 -14 year old. As the author writes “To my young self — and I’m sure to many other kids and teens — it seemed that science ruined mysteries by trying to explain the magic away. Now I believe that’s a completely wrong way to think about it. Science is curiosity. It’s the act of wondering with such dedication that you actually go out there and search for the truth”

Katina Makris published her first two books following her own recovery from Lyme disease. Since the publication of these books she has continued her research into the disease and will share her knowledge with those attending. Katina has worked in natural health care since 1983. Dynamic, authentic, and compassionate, she guides her readers towards critical tools for preventing, diagnosing and overcoming chronic Lyme disease, the epidemic of our time. For those suffering from an autoimmune illness her books offer helpful well organized information about the role of Integrative Medicine and dietary and lifestyle management for optimizing recovery potentials, as well as how to ignite the mind-body healing pathway.

Kathryn Hulick grew up in New Boston, NH while her grandparents lived nearby on Lake Nubanusit in Hancock and remembers the excitement of a trip to The Toadstool Bookshop as a young child. Later she spent two years serving in the Peace Corps in Kyrgyzstan. After returning she decided to pursue writing for children. So she started an internship at Cobblestone magazine group -- located in Depot Square. For six months, she worked in Peterborough every day. That internship led to her first published piece, a magazine article in Odyssey science magazine. She has continued writing for this magazine group for the past 12 years. Along the way, she found other publishers to work with, briefly working as an editor for the Beacon Street Girls series. She also wrote for the National Geographic Kids Quiz Whiz series and has written numerous educational science books about everything from robots to dinosaurs. Strange But True is her debut trade book for a general audience. She is thrilled to be returning home to the Peterborough for an event to celebrate its release!

Both events are free and all are welcome. For more information call the bookstore at 924-3543