JFES Principal Martha LeMahieu wears her new mask.CAST YOUR CARE

What noble works we have wisely crafted!

Once there was no end to our power,

And everything that is now so bitter,

Was for centuries sweet as the flower,

But where are they now?

Gone are the days of the dauntless men of iron ...

Past are the times of a maid’s simplicity ...

Flown are the years of the quests for holy relics ...

Dead is the age of chivalry!

When the thrones and crowns of kings are dust, Then earth will put her faith in heaven’s trust, So cast your care upon the Godhead!

What daring deeds we have done so justly!

Now our lives are ever so jaded ...

Ideas of yore that we planned are ended, And the splendid pageants are faded, But will they return?

Bid time good-bye to the palaces of grandeur ...

Whisper adieu to the stately courts of ours ...

Come take your leave of the fortresses of fortune ...

Farewell to all the solemn towers!

Where the rose once bloomed, there now are weeds Where fabrication of deception breeds, So cast your care upon the country!

What noble works we have wisely crafted!

Once there was no end to our power,

And everything that is now so bitter,

Was for centuries sweet as the flower,

But where are they now?

What is a ring but a never-ending circle, Which by the stars only destiny can break ...

Heaven ordains that a fellowship be forged by All nations for their future’s sake, And when legends fall and die someday, The legacy will never fade away, So cast your care upon the children!

Cast your care upon the Godhead!

Cast your care upon the country!

Cast your care upon the people!





born in a world

of hugs and attention

but inside your soul

there is sadness and tension

a lonely feeling

can come over you

death thoughts

spooky ideas

sometimes a lot

you cry for reasons

and sometimes not

you’re puzzled by your misery

and you’ve got a lot




behold the passivity of a flower

watching nature by the hour

bees buzz busily in the breeze

they find food that will appease

the flower is a vital source

flowers fade in this woman’s room

passive face filled with gloom

soul was stung it waits for

heaven to open up its door

survival is a driving force

death can be its own recourse




Higher Level

Dwell on a higher level

Where love wraps about you

Like a silk ribbon

Where the light is clear and strong

And music clings to you

Soothing your soul

And god will be with you forever




A Poet’s Lament

A poet’s lament

It’s a call to duty


That is the question

It’s always the question


Feel the pain

Down some caffeine

Have another and a third

Look out the big kitchen window


Blink twice

Scratch the head repeatedly

Check the news

Sip a malted beverage

Numb up then down

Scratch the head profusely




Check the weather for relief

Cloudy with a rumble

Take a quick walk

Pick a flower

Watch a bug crawl up your leg



Write a line or two

Scratch them out

Ask why

Draw a blank





Construction Truck, Do Not Follow

I certainly try to obey

The rules set for the roads

Like signaling, I watch my speed

And all the other codes

But just today of course I’m late

To work this way I go

The only road that takes me there

And now I just don’t know

Is it the law, must I obey

The sign on his tailgate

Apply my brakes, pull to the side

And sit a while and wait

Hold on, I won’t have to decide

At least not for today

For he is turning up ahead

Then I’ll be on my way




The Public Muse


Early this morning, I watched the sunrise, And then rose from my bed . . .

As I felt hope from the warmth upon me,

I lifted up my head,

For this day was given to me

To start all over again,

To turn another new page,

And firmly make amends.

I went outside and looked around me

With no concern or fear,

For I was given another chance

To go forward now from here.




James Faulkner Elementary School in Stoddard received a generous donation of masks on Sept. 14.

Masks displaying the school newt mascot were delivered for each of the 57 students currently enrolled in kindergarten through grade 5, as well as staff members.

Franz and Christine Haase, who have two children at the school, donated the masks, which were made by Beeze Tees in Keene.

Principal Martha LeMahieu (pictured) wears one of the new masks.