The Women in Science Speaker Series in celebration of Women’s History Month is set to be held every Wednesday in March. The series is co-sponsored by the Harris Center for Conservation Education, the Hancock Town Library, the Jaffrey Public Library, the Keene Public Library and the Peterborough Town Library.

First up, undergraduate researcher Katie Galletta will discuss “Milkweed, Monarchs and More” this Wednesday from noon to 1 p.m.

The connection between monarch butterflies and milkweed is widely recognized, but monarchs are not the only insect to face the perils and protections of life among the milkweed. Galletta will discuss 11 insect species that specialize in eating milkweed and explore findings from her summer-long research project on the interactions between monarch butterflies and the larger milkweed community. For this study, Galletta surveyed 28 different milkweed patches throughout southern New Hampshire, including two on conserved land in Peterborough.

Further talks in the series are as follows:

March 10, “The Urban Ocean”: Marine scientist Kelly Luis gives an introduction to the history, culture, and science of Boston Harbor.

March 17, “Learning From the Past”: Paleoclimatologist Dr. Logan Brenner discusses how the geochemical composition of coral skeletons can reflect the conditions of the water in which they grew, and what this can reveal about our planet’s past, present, and future.

March 24, “From Africa to Gametopia”: STEM educator Chidi Paige traces her path from student to successful science-themed game designer.

March 31, “Critter Cartoons for Conservation”: Cartoonist, naturalist and children’s book author Rosemary Mosco dives into the funny side of nature — especially birds — and shows why comics and science are natural allies.

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