Savings Bank of Walpole (SBW) has announced the retirement of longtime employee Julie Tewksbury, Senior VP, Operations, after 28 years of service. As a way of honoring Tewksbury’s dedication and contributions on the job and in the community, the bank offered Tewksbury the opportunity to choose two local charities as recipients of donations from SBW totaling $10,000.

Tewksbury chose Linda’s Closet and Home Healthcare, Hospice & Community Services (HCS) to each receive a $5,000 donation from the bank.

“This is the best retirement ‘gift’ one could ever be presented with,” Tewksbury said. “Like SBW, I’m passionate about helping others in our community by giving back. I chose these two nonprofits for the many ways they make a difference in the lives of others and positively impact our community.”

Linda’s Closet is a living memorial to the late Linda Oliver who created the concept of a clothing resource prior to her death from ovarian cancer.

HCS provides services to enable people in southwestern New Hampshire to function throughout life at their optimal level of health, well-being and independence.

“Throughout her career at SBW, Julie’s leadership and important contributions have not only have helped the Bank flourish, she has also provided mentorship, inspiration and encouragement to others at work and in our community,” says Mark Bodin, President for Savings Bank of Walpole. “We felt the best way to honor her longtime service and ongoing commitment to giving back, was to provide monetary donations and to let her to earmark two local charities of her choice to receive these donations. We are incredibly grateful for Julie’s service during the past 28 years and we’ll miss her tremendously.”

For more information visit or call 352-1822.