Tom Moses, president of Williams Construction Group in Keene, has been recognized for 50 years of voluntary service to CTE (Career and Technical Education) students and programs. Moses has been a leading member of New Hampshire Career and Technical Education Region 13’s Regional Advisory Committee, which serves Keene, Fall Mountain and Monadnock school districts.

In his role as chair of the Regional Advisory Committee, Moses has worked closely with the Cheshire Career Center at Keene High School. The role of the committee, a consortium of local business leaders, superintendents, principals, school board members and guidance staff, is to provide advice and counsel to the CCC staff.

Samantha Belcourt, director of the Cheshire Career Center at the Keene High School, said, “I admire Tom for his years of supporting Career and Technical Education. He always has the students’ success at heart, and it really shows when you speak and work with him.”

The Cheshire Career Center in Keene serves a large area of Southwest New Hampshire. Its 19 programs of study provide students with the academic and technical skills, knowledge and training necessary to succeed in future careers by introducing them to workplace competencies, and make academic content accessible to learners by providing it in a hands-on context.