20210504-MAG-police comfort dogs1

Several comfort-dog teams mingle with residents in Rindge.

Peggi and David Brogan of Rindge’s Boonefield Labradors teamed up with the Ingalls Memorial Library and Rindge Recreation Department to present a dog program on April 28.

The day started out with therapy-dog testing as six police comfort-dog teams completed the testing requirement to become certified with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs. All teams successfully passed their tests: K9 Duke and his handler, Matt Cohen, of Williston, Vt.; Mack and his handler, Dan Miner, of Montague, Mass.; Brody and his handler, Keith Medeiros, of Bristol, R.I.; Margaux and her handler, Ken Proulx, of the Massachusetts State Police; Hank and his handler, Brad McNamara, of Lunenburg, Mass., and Mischka and her handler, Whitney Mansfield, of Bedford.

Therapy dogs in training, Winston and his handler, William Laramee, of the Amherst, Mass., police department and Tilly with her handler, Amy Harrington, were also there to observe the testing process.

Upon completing the test, the teams headed to the Rindge Recreation Department to spend the afternoon talking to people of all ages. They were also joined by other comfort-dog members of the Boonefield Labrador family. More than 75 people greeted the teams, offering the dogs plenty of practice in providing comfort.