PETERBOROUGH — The Peterborough Town Library has announced that it has been awarded a rebate of more than $27,000 from Eversource for energy conservation measures applied to its newly constructed library building. As part of the NHSaves program, Eversource issued the rebate in November.

NHSaves is a collaboration of New Hampshire’s electric and natural gas utilities, including Eversource, working together to provide customers with information, incentives and support designed to save energy, reduce costs and protect the environment statewide.

After the Peterborough Town Library reopened in September 2021 following a 14-month renovation and rebuild, the Eversource rebate was offered for the use of interior and exterior LED lighting, variable frequency drives in both heating and cooling pumps, energy recovery units, and above-code insulation in both walls and roofing areas. The new building also features a biomass boiler, adsorption chiller technology, and a 217 solar panel array, expected to produce over 75,500 kilowatt hours of clean renewable energy every year. The biomass boiler was supported by a grant from the N.H. Public Utilities Commission.

“The Peterborough Town Library’s impressive commitment to energy efficiency is an excellent example of how municipalities can utilize sustainable initiatives to cut energy use and costs,” Michael Loughlin, energy efficiency consultant at Eversource, said in a statement.

Library Director Corinne Chronopoulos said energy efficiency was a top priority throughout the renovation project. “We are thrilled to be able to use the NHSaves resources and partner with Eversource to optimize the building performance,” Chronopoulos said. “The rebate savings will be applied back to the library project budget.”

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