The Park Theatre recently launched its Theatrical Seat Campaign. The campaign will complete the acquisition of theater seats for the William David Eppes Auditorium in the new Park Theatre set to open spring 2020.

Upholstered and comfortable, the seating is set up so that every seat has a clear, unobstructed view to the stage and screen.

The Seat Campaign allows the Theatre’s supporters to put their name or the name of a loved one or business on one or more seats for $1,000 per seat. The names or messages will be engraved on plaques on each seat.

One of the first seats selected was named by Jaffrey taxpayers, “Town of Jaffrey,” at the 2017 Town Meeting. The Kingsbury Fund has named all the accessible seating in the historic auditorium. About a dozen other seats have also been named in the run-up to the campaign launch.

The original Park Theatre opened in Jaffrey in 1922; it closed in 1976.

In 2006, the Park Theatre Inc. bought the 19 Main St. property with plans to rebuild it.

“Named Seat” contributors will have access to advance ticket sales, an exclusive annual seat party, and attendance to a pre-opening reception and tour of the theater.

To name a seat, receive a brochure or for more information, contact Christine Witham at or 562-6572 today or visit