The Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire (BHTNH) and N.H. Humanities will host a community dialogue titled “New Hampshire: Beyond Black and White” on Sunday Nov. 10, at 2 p.m. at Keene State College’s Young Student Center.

Facilitated by Dr. Dottie Morris, associate vice president for institutional diversity and equity at KSC, the dialogue and panel discussion will explore the contemporary as well as historical intersection between black and indigenous communities, the presence of “passing” mixed race individuals, and the experience of recent immigrants to the state.

Through scholarly research and a focus on the 1949 film “Lost Boundaries,” panelists Dr. David Watters and Dr. Darrell Hucks will explore the complex interactions, connections, conflicts, experiences and resistance efforts of black, white and multi-racial citizens.

Talks will take place in Keene, Plymouth and Nashua, as part of BHTNH’s statewide expansion. These intentional and participatory dialogues serve as a catalyst for deeper excavating of New Hampshire’s black history and the role this history plays in our communities today.

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