N.H. Fish and Game is asking the public to report sightings of wild turkeys this winter.

Information about the status of wintering wild turkeys is particularly important in the Granite State, where severe winter weather and limited natural food supplies can present serious challenges for turkeys, according to N.H. Fish and Game. The 2020 Wild Turkey Winter Flock Survey will conclude March 31.

The purpose of this online survey is to enhance N.H. Fish and Game’s existing winter flock data collection efforts, adding to the department’s understanding of the abundance and distribution of turkeys during New Hampshire’s challenging winter months.

The digital survey asks participants to report the number of turkeys in the flock, where they were seen, the type of habitat the birds were observed in, and what the turkeys were feeding on, such as acorns, beechnuts, birdseed, or corn silage.

The Department is also asking observers to report any signs of two viruses that have appeared in New Hampshire’s turkeys in recent years: avian pox virus and lymphoproliferative disease virus. “The viruses are not too widespread yet, but we are keeping a close watch,” said Fish and Game Wildlife Programs Supervisor Dan Bergeron. “Look for warty protuberances in the head and eye area.”

To report a sighting, go to www.wildnh.com/surveys/turkey.html.