20211012-MAG-mhs van

Left to right: Joe James and Emily Kerylow of Monadnock Humane Society; Katie Fenton, George Thompson, Bill Fenton and Donovan Fenton of Fenton Family Dealerships; and Dale Moore and Deborah Haskel stand near Monadnock Humane Society’s new van.

Monadnock Humane Society recently announced that it has received enough donations and support from the community to purchase a new van.

Help was offered by Subaru of Keene and two individual donors: Dale Moore and Debora Haskel.

Monadnock Humane Society’s former van was not safe to drive and did not pass inspection. In August, it was determined that the van needed to be replaced and MHS had less than a month to find and purchase a new vehicle.

“The MHS vehicle is critical to carrying out our mission as we use it for helping the community with animal cruelty investigations, picking up/delivering pet food to those in need, transporting pets to MHS from our other shelter partners, and in so many other ways,” said Kathy Collinsworth, Executive Director of Monadnock Humane Society. “We needed to find a van as soon as possible, and Fenton Family Dealerships responded quickly to let us know they would be glad to help.”

Bill Fenton, President of Fenton Family Dealerships, began the search immediately and was able to find a van in New York and make arrangements to bring it back to the area. Fenton also offered to purchase and install a divider between the front and back of the vehicle, bringing down the cost to MHS.

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