Shoppers at the Monadnock Food Co-op collectively donated $5,698.62 to the Monadnock Localvores Jeffrey P. Smith Farm Scholarship Program.

The donations were collected during the co-op’s month-long “Round It Up” donation drive in May, when customers had the opportunity to round up purchases to donate change to the Monadnock Localvores.

“After a year of isolation, fear, and confinement, children need to reconnect with the broader world beyond their doors. What better way to give them fresh air, fresh skills, and fresh ideas than the thrill of discovery with a farm camp experience? Returning to ‘normal’ is just not good enough” said Dottie Smith of the Monadnock Localvores. “We want children to thrive!”

Funds raised through May’s Round It Up will go exclusively to providing scholarships for the youth who live in housing owned or managed by Keene Housing, through a partnership with the Keene Housing Kids Collaborative.

The Jeffrey P. Smith Farm Scholarship, initiated in 2009 by the Monadnock Localvores, endeavors to connect young people with agriculture and the natural world around them by supplementing the cost of sending children to local farm camps.

During the Co-op’s last fiscal year, the Round It Up program raised over $47,895 and supported seven nonprofits.