Knights of Columbus

Courtesy photo: Receiving the check from the Knights of Columbus – Left to Right: Grand Knight John Stone, Library Director Julie Perrin, Knights Financial Secretary Leonard Perez, Youth Services Librarian Andrea Connolly, and live library Lab Rat and book club mascot, Copernicus (being held by Connolly)

The Jaffrey Public Library is expanding its online book club lineup thanks to the sponsorship of Our Lady of Monadnock Knights of Columbus Council 8544.

The new book club, called Mischief Makers, is modeled after another successful library program, My First Online Book Club, but expands the audience of participants to a wider age group.

With the onset of COVID, the library transitioned its book club for preschool through Grade 1, My First Book Club, to be My First Online Book Club, by creating book-club kits with that month’s story selection and all the supplies for a Zoom discussion and activity.

A key feature of My First Online Book Club is that the children also get to keep the book for their home libraries, thanks to funding by private donors.

After seeing that older siblings often wandered into My First Online Book Club, librarians came up with the idea to create a second book club that would have broad appeal and invite the whole family to participate. The librarians chose the name Mischief Makers since a mischief is a group of rats, multi-aged, just like a family.

Each month’s selection is a chapter book at a Grade 3-5 reading level but with broad appeal so the story can be read independently, sibling to sibling, or as a family. Families can pick up a book-club kit, complete with a copy of the book to keep for their home libraries, as well as all the supplies for the librarian led Zoom discussion and activity. Funding by the Knights has paid for all the books and supplies for up to 10 families to participate in the Mischief Makers every month for the entire school year.

For more information on any of the library’s book clubs, call the library at 532-7301.