Due to COVID-19, the Rotary Club of Keene was unable to host a reception this year for its 40th annual Winter Event. However, the raffle went on with the introduction of a new featured drawing for $1,500 with the winner announced on New Year’s Eve. The winner of that drawing was Joelle Phippard.

The winners of the traditional drawing on Jan. 22 were Daniel Todd ($5,000), Jay and Nichole Blanchard, Scott Ryan and Paul and Suzy Krautmann ($1,000), Deb Rivest, Kerry Monteiro, Tim and Marcia Carbone and Jay Kahn ($500), and Keene Endowment Association, Leila Luopa, Carl and Ruth Jacobs, Richard Merkt, and Steve and Cheryl Bragdon ($100).

This raffle raised more than $33,000 for the Rotary’s Jane’s Kids program and other youth projects.