Amelia Opsahl


Amelia Opsahl, a junior at Keene High School, was named a platinum winner of Le Grand Concours, the 2020 National French Contest, winning first place in the highest level.

Even as schools are closed and students stay at home for remote learning, students of Marylise Reilly, a teacher of French at Keene High School, took Le Grand Concours this spring.

Opsahl won first place in level 5, which included nearly 4,000 students.

The award includes a platinum medal, a plaque for the student, and a Lauréat national certificate. Opsahl is also president of the French Club and an athlete.

In total, 68,790 students competed.

Other winners from Keene High School include:

Silver awards: Isabelle Fleuette (level 2), Elizabeth Stanish (level 2)

Bronze awards: Tori (Astoria) Fox (level 2), Fiona Fitzpatrick (level 2), Lauren Fabis (level 1)

Honorable mention: Lorah Murphy, Miranda Boswell, Karthik Chalumuri, Chloe Roy, Ainsley Hubbard, Gillian Cote, Adelyne Hayward, Brooke Oster, Meghan Ylitalo.