The Jaffrey Public Library has been awarded a $4,000 grant from the N.H. Charitable Foundation, made possible by gifts from the Bernice Clay Fund for Lifelong Learning. The grant will help further the library’s mission of lifelong learning by supporting a new program called Project Grandparent. Project Grandparent will provide learning technology support to grandparent caregivers who have stepped into the role of caregiver/educator for their grandchildren.

Project Grandparent is designed to address the needs of local grandparent caregivers, including the need to become familiar with technology while addressing concerns for Internet safety, the understanding of parental controls, and the limitations of the technology and Internet access availability at home, especially in rural areas where broadband availability is limited.

The funding for Project Grandparent will provide 20 “Launchpads” for checkout at the library to provide safe, ready-to-use learning technology for grandparent caregivers/educators. Launchpads are learning tablets with vetted content for children. They are pre-loaded with learning games and interactive educational content that do not require downloading or Internet access. Because they do not require Internet, Launchpads are accessible for everyone, even in rural areas.

Additionally, Project Grandparent will provide in-person workshop sessions, led by library staff, for grandparent caregivers on tech topics and educational resources, tailored to meet their needs. These workshop sessions will be included as part of the library’s winter learning program for the winter and early spring months of 2022.

For more information on Project Grandparent, call Jaffrey Public Library Director Julie Perrin at 603-532-7301.

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