Jaffrey Community Center grant

Library Director Julie Perrin is presented with the donation by Community Center Acting Chair, Owen Houghton, in the library's Lab.

The Jaffrey Public Library has received a grant of $4,999 from the Community Center of Jaffrey on behalf of the Jaffrey Tennis Club.

It will be used to support the Sponsored Learning Assistant and Code Club programs, two youth programs that the library runs outside of its normal operating budget. In a letter to Library Director Julie Perrin from Treasurer and Acting Chair Owen Houghton, the letter said the Community Center presents this donation “to honor our Emeritus President Susan Leach for her tireless efforts over the past decades committed to the children in the Town of Jaffrey.”

The Sponsored Learning Assistant program at the library began in 2018 with an original grant from the Community Center of Jaffrey to provide a safe, first-job experience to local youth, in support of the library’s mission to provide lifelong learning opportunities to the community. In last year’s program, two local teens took their first jobs at the library, helping with countless summer programs including 3D printing, storytelling events, and science programs.

This spring the library provided another first job to a local teen, who created digital content to support educational programs at the library. This summer three teens have joined librarians at the Summer Learning kickoff, Code Club programs, STEAM Lab, and other educational activities.