Chase's Mill

Chase’s Mill, one of the few remaining water-powered mills in New Hampshire, is now open for the summer.

Located at 801 Forest Road in Alstead, the century-old mill has undergone a five-year rehabilitation process. Its nonprofit owner, the Mill Hollow Heritage Association, intends the mill to serve as a workshop, museum and community gathering space.

The mill, once owned by Heman Chase, stands on a foundation and dam built in the 1700s, when a half-dozen mills ran on Warren Brook, sawing lumber, grinding grain and fulling cloth. These small industries gave rise to the settlement known as Mill Hollow, one of dozens of similar villages across New Hampshire.

Chase’s Mill is open for tours every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to noon. In addition, a series of summer programs running from July 3 through Sept. 11 offers opportunities to learn how to sharpen tools, use a lathe and fix simple household items. Participants can try their hands at wood carving, tile making, drawing or watercolor painting or learn about the craft of timber framing.

For a full schedule of events, and to learn more about Chase’s Mill, visit