In 2018, upon the opening of a new addition to the Hinsdale Elementary School, the Hinsdale Education Foundation launched the 5th Grade Wall Tile Project. Through this project every 5th-grade student designs a tile as part of a class display to be permanently installed in the corridor of the new addition.

Eight wall sections have been designated to extend this project to include the 5th-grade classes through 2026.

The first 5th Grade Wall Tile Display was unveiled in 2019. Each of the 38 students in the class created an original tile in the display to express the theme “Helping Hands.”

The 2020 5th-grade class adopted “Reading Can Take You to New Places” as the theme for its wall tile display. The theme was chosen in recognition of Hinsdale Elementary School being awarded a 2019-20 Children’s Literary Foundation Year of the Book Grant.

The resulting display demonstrates the pride the class felt for Hinsdale Elementary’s being chosen for the grant as well as the enthusiasm for reading that it created.

Due to the COVID-19 closing of the school, the 48 graduates in this year’s 5th-grade class were denied a formal unveiling ceremony even though their tiles were complete and ready for mounting. With the reopening of school this fall the tile display was finally installed. On Oct. 21, two students, Austin Goslant and Hannah Sauter, who are now in middle school, were selected as representatives for the entire class to unveil their display on the corridor wall in the new addition. In recognition of their part in creating the display, each student in the class received a replica tile as a keepsake.

The 2021 5th-grade class is now working on its Wall Tile Display theme: “Masks Protect and Reflect Who We Are.” Each student is creating a tile with an original mask design to represent who they are under the mask and/or what they are missing because of the pandemic.

The 2021 DARE graduation is scheduled to be held in May, when the 2021 5th Grade Wall Tile Display will be unveiled alongside its counterparts from 2019 and 2020.

The Hinsdale Education Foundation, working with the Hinsdale School District and Elementary School, is responsible for raising the funds needed to support the 5th Grade Wall Tile Project. To learn more about this project, go to the Hinsdale Education Foundation website at or email

Hinsdale Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization formed to support creative educational programs and activities not covered in the Hinsdale School District’s annual budget.