Take a virtual stroll through the sculpture gardens of Hancock artist Scott Cunningham in an online exhibit offered by the Hancock Town Library during the month of May.

Cunningham has installed more than 100 of his sculptures in the fields and gardens around his home. His steel sculptures playfully capture the light and motion of sun and shadow, reflect the colors of green fields or sparkling snow, transforming into a unique personality with each season. He compares sculpture to poetry, as it can encompass many images or interpretations — both concrete and abstract.

Integrating the visual essence of his three-dimensional works onto paper, Cunningham also creates drawings using inks, embossing and hot metal stamping. While his sculptures live with the shifting elements of nature, his drawings seem to freeze in one frame multiple dynamics of the steel — its rhythm, shape, texture, line, light and space.

To view the library’s current exhibit, go to: https://hancocktownlibrarynh.wordpress.com/virtual-art-exhibits/.