Horatio Colony picnic


Cheri Casper and Tom Weldon enjoy picnicking on the Horatio Colony House Museum lawn with a take-out lunch from Odelay.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Horatio Colony House Museum in Keene is closed for tours for the season to protect its visitors, staff and the community.

However, the museum invites the public to enjoy its gardens and grounds, such as strolling through the property, sitting under one of its shade trees or having a picnic lunch on the lawn.

Five miles of hiking trails are also open at the Horatio Colony Nature Preserve on Daniels Hill Road daily from dawn to dusk. Visitors are asked to practice social distancing with other hikers.

Members of the community can also sign up for a weekly “sofa viewing” series where the museum will email photos and information about different objects in its collections, plants in its garden and points of interest at the nature preserve. To sign up, email horatio.colony@gmail.com.

The Horatio Colony House Museum is at 199 Main St., Keene. Parking is available at Saint Bernard’s Church on Main Street, next to the museum. For information, call 352-0460 or visit www.horatiocolonymuseum.com.